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1992 Rare AKS74U - NA

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No longer available 1992 AKS74U - W/Custom matching 74uLLc Receiver  • Custom 74uLLc w/Correct late Tula features • Correct 1992 Selector Markings • Tula style double hump trigger bumps, custom dies cut to create wider and flat style bumps vs using the Izhevsk AK74 narrow/rounded bumps • Late Tula magwell dimples created w/one off dies modeled from original receiver scrap • Correct lower selector dimple • Custom Magwell dimples modeled after the original receiver stub • Tula AK74 bolt - Non matching but a rare item in the US • Press punch FSB is perfectly populated and blind pinned vs drilled and welded like many builders  • A lot of love and time went into this project  $6000.00 - cash/mo/wire or CC + 4% $100.00 - Shipping Fully Insured  NFA items must go to your class 2/3 dealer on form 3