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100% M16A1 GM Hydra-Matic Rcvr (Grey) - 6th Preorder (Sold Out)

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Lowers are made to order
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
8 units

100% - SEMI AUTO - GM Rcvr Pre-Order 

Batch 6 - Sold Out - We will make spares in batch 6 for purchase

All future pre-orders (Batch 6+) will take up to 7 months to finish. New lead time is discussed in link below.

Link to the MOST CURRENT Updates on all receiver batches ---> 100% Rcvr Batch Status/Updates <--- Please check this link prior to asking for a status update, We will collect final payment & FFL info after CNC prior to anodizing. We will email first, then call if we don't get a response - you WILL NOT get passed up. 

  COST - $535.00 shipped ($335.00 now / $200 when completed - FFL Info collected w/Final Payment after CNC before anodizing)***  

- To ensure we stay on schedule - NO serial # requests + NO customer supplied lowers


  • SEMI AUTO (This seemed obvious however someone asked, I am a 07/02 SOT - any MG's are registered and NOT for sale)
  • Roll-stamped markings just like the originals - Clone correct for MK12 and MK18 rifles
  • MFR Info and model # is laser engraved in the trigger well, visible when rifle is upside down - see photo for example
  • H&R & GM Specific Correct Grey Professionally Anodized by best in business (No other colors available)
  • New 100%'s feature forge flash inside trigger well, some have partial flash
  • Serial numbers will be within the correct range of the originals GM or HR
  • M16 Profile interior pocket (NO Fake Sear Marks)
  • New/Consistent Serial Stamp Setup & Correct Selector Markings
  • All GCA and NFA laws apply
  • All our products are in NFA E-File sys for easy form 1 SBR and form 2 SOT filing
  • This is a 100% SEMI AUTO recevier and will go to licenses FFL holder when complete, I will collect FFL info and second payment when they ship to anodizing

Email me for questions:

Sales Tax for Texas Residents

I DO NOT OWN COLT MARKINGS - Colt offers beautiful Retro M16s - The XM16E1 and GAU-5/A/A will be out soon!

Each lower is guaranteed form major defects however we do not have warranties on lower receivers. Any issues that come up will be approached on case by case basis.