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80% H&R Stamped M16A1 Profile Lower Receiver (BACKORDER)

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Orders by 11/15/20 will ship this year, before Jan 1st

***BACKORDERED*** We have ordered/expect more blanks in 4 weeks, I will stamp and ship in order which received. If you order by 11/15 I am pretty sure they ship before January.

Each lower is made to order w/4 week lead time GM and HR made close to 700,000 guns in the Vietnam war - Clone correct for MK12 and MK18    


• Serial numbers for the H&R and GM will be within the correct range of the originals

• New/Correct Selector Markings • New/Consistent Serial Stamp Setup

• New 80% & 100% offerings feature forge flash inside trigger well

• Blanks are in WHITE, we do not offer anodized blanks, only 100%’s

• Selector detent hole is and the rear upper lug recess is cut to allow the use of modern jigs for cutting 

• You will need to finish this and ensure you comply with state and federal laws 

(Disclaimer - the last picture is a finished example Owned by SOT)

Email me for questions: