100% Lowers/Uppers Forge Flaw, Anodizing Color Match, and fitment Policy

Jul 9th 2021

Valued Customers,

This is only to set expectations of what my products are and are not. Since 9/01/2019 until today we have maintained a 99.99% satisfaction rate with all our products. I finally realized that the 1% of concerns could be addressed with a quick company policy update. 

100% Lower and A1 Upper forge flaws/Color Match/Fitment Policy

  • Just like the originals, we do not guarantee our receivers will not have small flaws under anodizing, there can be dings/dings/bangs bruises. I will reference photos of originals for comparison. 
  • Large scratches are not considered normal, and we will then make some sort of arrangement prior to shipping the item. 
  • Anodized Uppers and Lowers are not guaranteed to match in color. If you order Uppers/Lowers from the Same batch, then I can match them before shipping. They will usually vary slightly from upper to lower. 
  • Fitment Policy - We anodize to ACTUAL USGI Thickness, sometimes things fit tight. You MUST lubricate your lower prior to assembly. If you don't you could chip the anodizing and it won't assemble easily. 

Chris Cox