100% Rcvr News - Planning for Worst - Ordering Process - Statement on Wait Time

Apr 19th 2021

Link: ALL 100% Preorder Status

Important announcements for 2021

  • We will update status of all undelivered receivers on our blog, the link above is where frequent updates are provided. Check your receipt to determine the batch you're in, and follow the updates. We collect payment and FFL info prior to shipping to anodizing so everyone has a heads up. 
    • This gives you time to come up with final payment, determine who your transferring FFL will be and get us everything we need to ship as soon as they are in my hands
    • If you order a receiver and we can't get ahold of you for any reason - you will not be skipped over, the receiver will stay in my safe until I hear back from you. Many customers are deployed, some can't tell us where they are - how long they will be gone. 
  • Planning for the worst - I have been asked what I will do in the unlikely event that Federal Leg. or Executive Orders prevents us from delivering 100% receivers - we will offer two options to anyone with a current preorder:
    • 80% Receiver + anodizing service after you cut the receiver, or I can anodize prior to shipping 
    • Refund of the down payment
  • We intend to stop preorders and offer receivers for sale when available - Batch 6 is the last preorder for 2021 unless we finish months early. We will still do small batches of one off receivers but the A1's will be first come first serve. 

Old Batch 0-6 Ordering Process  All A1 receivers moving forward will be available for immediate delivery, sign up for our newsletter for availability updates

1. Place preorder on our website, you receive a receipt by email. The receipt will have the batch # your receiver is in, this is how you check the status of your order via our blog - Link: ALL 100% Preorder Status

2. The receiver will be shipped 7 times to 4 different specialty vendors who are the best in their industry. They are taking 7 months currently. We will update the link provided after each process is completed so you always know the status.

  • When blanks ship to re-profile A2 to A1 and when we receive them back 
  • When we roll stamp and ship to CNC and when we receive them back
  • When we ship to anodizing, when anodizing begins and then when they ship back

3. When receivers are shipping to anodizing we contact each customer by phone/email. We provide a link to make final payment and collect your FFLs info, if you need time to make the final payment just let me know - this is why we start the process early. You will provide your FFL’s license or facilitate them sending it via email preferably notating your name/order. 

***If you order a receiver and we can't get ahold of you for any reason when collecting final payment don't worry - you will not be skipped over, the receiver will stay in my safe until I hear back. Many customers are deployed or unavailable for lengths of time.

4. Once they are back from anodizing we ship to your FFL!

Statement on wait times

7 months, what takes so long? There is ALOT that goes into making these. I am sure most of you know the products we make are niche/unique/one of a kind. I don't cut corners, this takes time. We are a small shop - working every night and weekend to deliver the best products possible.

Most custom shops/gunsmiths stopped quoting ETAs months back - We rely on four Vendors/Service providers to make the magic happen. They get shipped a total of 7 times before I receive them back as anodized lowers... 

Batch 0 & 1 took 6/7 mo. Batch 2 is expected to be done right at 7 mo too. Batch 3 should wrap up in 5 months total. I hope this is not the norm moving forward - I would rather tell you 7 months & deliver them in 5 vs tell you 3-4 and then have to tell you 7 after the fact because of something out of my control.