Official INTL.MIL.CO statement on H&R 100% & 80% Lowers (Trademark of JJE/Nodak Spud)

Jan 6th 2022

We have had a lot of questions regarding current and future H&R receiver orders. 

  • The H&R name and logos are TM and property of JJE/Nodak Spud
  • We will fill all orders from batch 6-8, placed prior to 12/22/21
  • We will no longer take ANY orders for these products or stamp 80% lowers with these markings
  • We will continue to make uppers with forge-lines on the front and the rear in small numbers - however this is the last time we will do so if the newly formed H&R decides to use this design.
    • We can't compete in pricing
    • We don't want to make products too similar to theirs
      • Out of respect
      • So that we aren't creating brand confusion

I hope this puts any concerns to bed, we thank you for your support and look forward to serving you guys!