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100% M16A1 H&R Rcvr (Grey) - (SOLD OUT)

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
10 units

Expected release date is Nov 16th 2021

100% - SEMI AUTO - H&R Rcvr

***Batch 2-6 will be delivered as promised - we are unsure if we can continue to sell the H&R Model in the future 

Link to the MOST CURRENT Updates on all receiver batches ---> 100% Rcvr Batch Status/Updates <--- Please check this link prior to asking for a status update, We will collect final payment & FFL info after CNC prior to anodizing. We will email first, then call if we don't get a response - you WILL NOT get passed up. 

  COST - $535.00 shipped ($335.00 now / $200 when completed - FFL Info collected w/Final Payment after CNC before anodizing)***  

- To ensure we stay on schedule - NO serial # requests + NO customer supplied lowers


  • SEMI AUTO (This seemed obvious however someone asked, I am a 07/02 SOT - any MG's are registered and NOT for sale)
  • Roll-stamped markings just like the originals - Clone correct for MK12 and MK18 rifles
  • MFR Info and model # is laser engraved in the trigger well, visible when rifle is upside down - see photo for example
  • H&R & GM Specific Correct Grey Professionally Anodized by best in business (No other colors available)
  • New 100%'s feature forge flash inside trigger well, some have partial flash
  • Serial numbers will be within the correct range of the originals GM or HR
  • M16 Profile interior pocket (NO Fake Sear Marks)
  • New/Consistent Serial Stamp Setup & Correct Selector Markings
  • All GCA and NFA laws apply
  • All our products are in NFA E-File sys for easy form 1 SBR and form 2 SOT filing
  • This is a 100% SEMI AUTO recevier and will go to licenses FFL holder when complete, I will collect FFL info and second payment when they ship to anodizing

Email me for questions:

Sales Tax for Texas Residents

I DO NOT OWN COLT MARKINGS - Colt offers beautiful Retro M16s - The XM16E1 and GAU-5/A/A will be out soon!