GM Grips - Various Grades

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GM Hydramatic M16A1 Grips 

These are vietnam era, GM Hydramatic M16A1 grips. There were only 400,000 of these rifles made so finding furniture is difficult. This is the first chance I have had to aquire more then one at a time. I doubt I will have this chance again. I cleaned, inspected and graded every grip myself. 

We sorted 10,000 USGI A1 Vietnam era grips and there were exactly 51 GM. We are pricing them based on grade and rarity, since I have more GM grips they are cheaper. We are working on finding more GM/HR parts to list! 

Grade A - Best - Lightly worn to not worn, as perfect as it gets but still used since they are take off

Grade B - Very Good - Even light wear, many could be grade A but have some scratches on the bottom

Grade C - Good - Uneven or slighly more wear