Receiver forging flaws, anodizing color matching, and receiver fitment info

Jun 16th 2022

Valued Customers,

Since we began making receivers in September 2019 we have maintained a 99.99% satisfaction rate with all our products. The few issues we have had are addressed below

Lower Receiver and Upper forging flaws - Color Match - Fitment Policy

  • Just like the originals our receivers may have small flaws under anodizing, minor dings/dents happen during production. The manufacturing of these replicas requires many different machine processes so dings happen. This would present itself as a small dent under a solid anodized surface without any actual break in the anodic film.
  • Large scratches or chips in anodizing are not considered normal, email me if there is an isssue
  • Anodized Uppers and Lowers are not guaranteed to match in color. If you order Uppers/Lowers from the Same batch, then I can match them prior shipping. They will usually vary slightly from upper to lower. 
  • Fitment Policy - We anodize to ACTUAL USGI thickness, sometimes things fit tight. You MUST lubricate your lower prior to assembly. If you don't you could/will chip the anodizing and inserting roll pins will be difficult. 

Chris Cox