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GX-5857 aka 607 - Short Barrel Rifle - On Hold

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45 day Split Pay Option - 1/2 Down & 1/2 due in 45 days

(Email Me - Down payment non refundable, let me know your situation and I can work with you)

  • 2 Colt 20 Round mags and 2 Adventure Line included - 4 x 20 roung mags
  • This rifle took three years to complete - No detail spared 
    • We can rebuild gun with cheaper easier to find Colt/IMC parts for a little less money, the early Colt parts are hard to find now days 
  • Intlmilco Replica Lower and Upper receiver with correct proof stamps and roll marks
    • Integral custom 1:1 replica 607 stock - the best made with all anodized grey hardware by best in the US and not taking work anymore, it cost $500.00 to anodize all the parts on this rifle
    • US Anodizing: Lower, Upper, buffer tube, stock buttplate, stock latch
  • Colt Mid 60's Lower Parts, upper parts, charging handle, correct early parked big hole XM16E1 BCG w/MP Bolt 
  • Colt 1/12 Vintage SP1 barrel turned down, flash removed and proof marked to be 1:1 the same as original
  • Early Bend Carbine Gas Tube (Rare)
  • Rare correct replica hand guard retainer which aren't made anymore with the reinforcment plate on the inside
  • Colt Cut down, perfect handguards - we did not cut done early HG's, we used clean late 60's vs early no hole, we can upgrade to no hole for $250.00
  • Colt vintage slip ring and barrel hardware
  • Minty Colt Early 602/Early XM16E1 Skinny Grip 
  • More Info Later