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Forgotten Weapons - INTL.MIL.CO T65 


Little Byrd Procurement - INTL.MIL.CO Hydra-Matic MK18-0



Garand Thumb - INTL.MIL.CO M16A1 & M16A2


- INTL.MIL.CO M16A1 Lower, IMC A1 Black LPK & Geissele trigger

- USGI Surplus Vietnam Upper, Furniture & BCG from Apex Gun Parts


- INTL.MIL.CO M16A2 Lower, IMC A2 Grey LPK & Geissele trigger 

- USGI Surplus Capco Upper, BCG, USGI Furniture, Colt A2 Grip


WillScary - INTL.MIL.CO M16A1/A2 Arsenal Rebuild

INTL.MIL.CO M16A1/A2 Arsenal Rebuild 

- INTL.MIL.CO M16A1 Custom 1 of 1 Anniston arsenal M16A2 rebuild Lower

- Left side selector marks added, Anniston ANAD Refurb marked, A1 to A2 converted like original

- USGI A2 Upper, BCG, Stock, Colt A2 Grip, Vintage H&R LPK w/IMC Semi Trigger

WillScary's 7n6co Apparel Brand


Forgotten M16A1 Article 1 - Hydra-Matic

Article by Frank Iannamico and myself on Hydra-Matic M16A1 Production


Forgotten M16A1 Article 2 - Harrington & Richardson

Article by Frank Iannamico and myself on H&R M16A1 Production


Featured in "AK47 The Grim Reaper 3rd Edition"