Receiver Batch Updates - Updated 4/15/2023

Aug 11th 2022

Dear Customer or Future Customer,This page is for customers waiting on lowers sold in batches. Sign up for our newsletter for latest updates on 100% availability,100% Receiver Pre-order Status&nb … read more

Replica H&R M16A1 Lowers Discontinued

May 17th 2022

We manufactured a roll stamped H&R M16A1 replica from 10/2019 to 11/2021. We removed this receiver from our web-store once we learned of the PSA/H&R/NDS merger and their re-registration of t … read more

RussianPaint™ Application Instructions

Aug 18th 2021

Minimum Tools/supplies needed:  HVLP Spray gun w/.8mm needle w/pressure regulator (Harbor Freight - Lowes or Iwata LPH80)Lacquer thinner - any brand, automotive quality is best but any will work … read more