• What are your hours of operation? After normal business hours/weekends, please email us any questions - we will respond within 24hrs
  • When will my order ship? In stock parts ship within 2 weeks, if you need something sooner please email us prior to ordering
  • When will a particular receiver or product will be back in stock? Sign up for in-stock notifications for each item to be alerted when we re-stock. We also have a newsletter for announcements regarding receiver availability - we will not spam you with junk mail/offers
  • Your website says an item should be in stock but I can't add to cart? It could be an error on the site or it wasn't updated after the recent sale, if you can't add the item sign up for the in-stock notification for that product
  • Do you offer Colt, FN or H&R markings? No
  • Do you offer anodizing services, 80% receivers or mark customer supplied 80% rcvrs? Unfortunately we don't at this time
  • Where are your manufacturing marks? On the bottom in the trigger well

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