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1969 Colt Replica - Rare Parts & Very Detailed

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1969 M16A1 Replica - Rare Parts & Very Detailed

  • INTLMILCO 1969 Replica Lower and Upper
  • Perfect mix of Original Parts and Replica Rare parts
    • Comes with 2 Colt Vietnam Era Minty 20 round mags 
    • Original Late 60's Colt upper and barrel would be very expensive
  • INTLMILCO no forge code Upper with correct proof STAMPS like the late XM16E1/M16A1
    • Original Colt vietnam era parts on the upper hand picked from my personal stash
  • 7075 Milspec Rifle Buffer Tube (Colt used 7075 - EVERYONE uses cheap 6061, mostly import tubes now)
  • Colt 66-68 Bolt Carrier - Big Hole, often referred to as a XM16E1 Carrier 
    • Hard to find and expensive part 
    • Colt MPC Bolt, can upgrade to a MP bolt
  • Correct Replica Colt Barrel with smooth forge flash
    • Correctly MP & C Stamped
    • Chrome lined 1/12 twist
    • Manganese Phosphated
  • Colt late 60's lower parts and new Schmid jeweled trigger
  • Beautiful Colt Furniture

Optional Parts

  • Three Prong FH isn't "correct" for this but some people may want one, the three prong is a replica so you save $10
    • Some soldiers did swap their bird cage for three prong
  • Optional new bolt carrier - Both the same basically, I just wanted to give the option
    • I obtained some new in the bag colt bolt carriers from 1966 & 1967
    • This is the 1967 Bolt Carrier - I had to put a gas key on & properly staked/sealed gas port
  • Optional MP Bolt  
    • This is around the time the bolts were changing from MP to MPC 
    • Some may argue MP is more correct, they are getting hard to source, this is one of just a couple I have left
  • Optional New out of the box 1969 Colt Grip
  • Email me any questions