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Hydra-Matic M16A1 Rifle 1 - ANAD Replica


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Hydra-Matic Rifle #1 - ANAD Refurb Clone

45 day Split Pay Option - 1/2 Down & 1/2 due in 45 days

(Email Me - Down payment non refundable, let me know your situation and I can work with you)

  • After Vietnam the rifles came back and went through refurbishment at Anniston Army Depot - This gun is a perfect replica of just that, mix of Colt and Hydra-Matic Parts with ANAD stamps on magwell
    • I have the actual stamp set used by Anniston so the markings are 1:1
  • Ready to ship, carefully built and perfect with a little faux wear on receiver to match upper
  • Mint GM Grip, very nice as found Colt Stock and Colt handguards (No Cracks)
  • Colt Upper/Parts/Barrel
  • Only new parts are lower, Schmid hand polished semi trigger, New Grey trigger guard and new retro buffer
  • All other parts Vietnam Era - Once purchased, email me copy of FFL