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Batch 14 - Blem Info from original sale

Dec 30th 2023

Batch 14 Reanodized - Grey

Preorder Update on blog

  • Batch 14 Value - Reanodized - Read all info prior to purchasing - Current Batch 10-13 customers, these will ship with your other order, everyone else ships after all preorders no later 1/31/24 - anyone who has ordered a lower in past email me for a $25 off coupon
    • Batch 14 Value Line - In stock, we will list them by 12/4
    • These were reanodized after we rebroached them, they will have a slightly looser fitting pins (1-2 thou because deplating process) trigger pins spec .156 these are .157-158, they aren't sloppy
    • We left the forge line on batch 14 FYI but decided to remove it after these were made, it isnt' a blemish I just wanted to note this
    • In stock for the first time in 4 years, we have them in hand - they will be listed soon (by 12/4) so batch 10-13 preorder customers get a chance at one being shipped with their preorder
    • Once ALL preorders ship, I will ship to anyone who DOES NOT have a batch 10-13 preorder, im estimating late January just to be safe