M4/M4A1/M16A4 LPK - Black Ano. - Phosphate


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INTL.MIL.CO - M4/M4A1/M16A4 LPK - Lower Parts Kit 

New Schmid M16A2 Selector

  • Black Colt Anodized mag button & Trigger Guard
  • NEW M16A2 USGI Selectors (M16A1 & A2 Grey/Blk LPK avail in Rarities)
    • Schmid M16A2 Selectors just like what Colt used/uses still
  • Triggers 
    • Schmid - same MFR trigger colt uses in their guns
    • Pro Line Schmid (Hammer & Trigger not polished on sear surface)
  • All steel parts are GREY Manganese Phosphated (Look at the last photo) - Not Nitride or Black oxide/Black like most modern lpk's now days 
    • Manganese Phosphated steel parts have been the standard since the 601 
    • They are oiled to prevent rust while stored so they will look dark when you receive them - Acetone will make them grey again. I just wipe off the face of pins/bolt catch/mag catch etc.
    • All the pins/bolt catch are just like the ones found in M16A1
  • Schmid Tool USA - the same parts Colt uses - USGI Grade 
    • Most LPK include imported parts, usually nitride or black oxide coated. They work fine, they dont "look" correct and are not the same quality
  • UPS Ground