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Sold - M16A2 723 - Black Hawk Down Pistol - 1 of 1

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M16A2 723 - Black Hawk Down Pistol

One of a kind pistol - Ready to SBR - Complete Parts list

  • Online price includes CC Fee 
    • $3000.00 Wire/Cash Price 
  • Comes with pre AWB OG 80's Colt mag show in photos
  • 2 Postion Grey Buffer tube - Foam sleeve will be added prior to shipping
    • Simply Form 1 SBR, cut the tube off & add a plastic Car stock
  • Colt receiver plate w/correct OG style castle nut
  • INTL.MIL.CO 723 grey lower w/matching repro upper
    • Upper has correct proof marks, early 723 didn't have shell deflector
  • Colt Rear Sight Set
  • Colt Big Button Forward Assist
  • Old School Repro BHD Rail from 90's
  • Colt Bolt Carrier Group
  • INTL.MIL.CO 14.5 Chrome Lined pencil barrel
  • Colt Flash Hider
  • Colt Contract 6 hole Car HGs (Not cheap Repros)
  • Old School Rare Surefire Flashlight & M16 Mount
    • Working, tested
  • Colt H buffer, used/takeoff
  • Intl.Mil.Co Grey LPK w/Schmid Trigger
  • Colt A2 Grip
  • Nodak Colt Grey CH (Can swap for used Colt, worn on edges)
Lifetime warranty for the OG buyer