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RussianPaint™ - Fresh Batch 8/5/21

Application Instuctions

This is THE original deep black finish the Russians used on all small arms from 1960 to today!

  • We lowered shipping cost: $9.00 for any size bottle
  • THIS IS the paint found on all AKM, AK74, AK100, AK74M, RPK, RPK74, RPK74M, PKM, PKT, Saigas, Veprs, Military Original Bulgarian AK74's and very similar to Polish, East German, Hungarian paint. 
  • We only sell 120-240mL bottles within the US currently
    • I am working on the international shipping option
  • 40-60mL covers a complete rifle - Dillution is achieved using lacquer thinner 1:1 or 50/50
  • We are revamping the instructions and will post them here on our blog this weekend 8/7/21
  • The Sheen/Level of gloss is easily controlled to match Russian, Polish, East German or Hungarian kits
  • HVLP is recomended due to the viscous nature of the paint
  • This IS the same paint the factories have sprayed on their guns since 1960, even today. 
    • Most new guns are sprayed in a fashion that it looks much flatter
    • I will issue new instructions with details how to achieve this soon
  • Aleays wear a respirator when spraying solvent based paints

***Bulk Quantities of 2 Liters or more available at discount to FFL's only. I will work with collectors on an individual basis if bulk quantity is needed, trades are usually welcome and preferred***