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Russian Paint (120mL - 960mL) - Shipping 4/23

$90.00 - $375.00
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4/23 we will be shipping

We have had alot of various delays, this is the preorder for the next round of paint. Ill be starting it soon. I will try to send out a better instrucion sheet this time around. 

This is THE original deep black finish the Russians use on all small arms. Our product is one of two formulas developed by the Russians in the 1960's. Found on all RPK, RPK74, RPK74M, AKM, AK74, AK100, AK74M, PKM, PKT, Saiga, and Vepr rifles.

  • When properly stored there isn't a shelf life
  • 40-60mL covers a complete rifle - Dillution is achieved using lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol only 1:1
  • The Sheen/Level of gloss is easily controlled to match Russian, Polish, East German or Hungarian kits
  • HVLP is recomended due to the viscous nature of the paint
  • This is not the same inferior paint offered by vendors overseas
  • Please always wear a respirator when spraying solvent based paints

***Bulk Quantities of 2 Liters or more available at discount to FFL's only. I will work with collectors on an individual basis if bulk quantity is needed, trades are usually welcome and preferred***