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How to be notified when lower receivers are in-stock

Apr 15th 2023

We now have in-stock notifications which alert you when any particular lower or product is restocked. This feature gives us an email list of people interested in each item as well. We also have an email newsletter reserved for important updates on future receiver availability and receiver preorders. We will not spam you with junk mail.

  1. Find the lower you would like to purchase
  2. Click the link
  3. Enter your email in the "In-Stock notification" box, when more are listed on the site you will be notified immediately

If you don't get an email stating you signed up for the notification list, you either entered the wrong email or it went to your spam folder. If the email isn't in your spam folder, re-enter the correct email address. If our email is in your spam folder follow these instructions. 

Unmark email as spam on android phones

Unmark email as spa on Apple phone/computer

The email newsletter is sent out 3-4 times a year with important updates for those of you waiting on availability or preorders for receivers. We will not spam you with junk mail.