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XM177E2 Receiver - Batch 12.5 Preorder

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XM177E2 Rollmarked Lower Receiver

 Batch 12.5 - Ship Date Nov 30th - These will be processed with batch 12, they will be anodized in a separate batch

  • Batch 12.5 - sign up for in-stock notifications if you got a in-stock notification and these are gone 
  • These are the finest XM177E2 clone lowers being produced 
  • SEMI AUTO We are Licensed 07/02 FFL/SOT - MGs depicted in photos are registered or real examples
  • Roll-stamped markings just like the originals - Clone correct for MK12 and MK18 rifles
  • MFR Info and model # is laser engraved in the trigger well, visible when rifle is upside down
  • Colt Grey Professionally Anodized by best in business (No other colors available)
  • M16 Profile interior pocket (NO Fake Sear Marks)
  • All GCA and NFA laws apply
  • New/Consistent Serial Stamp Setup & Correct Selector Markings
  • All our products are in NFA E-File sys for easy form 1 SBR and form 2 SOT filing

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I DO NOT SELL 80% Receivers anymore