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416D - Sign up for Batch 2 Notifications

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Ship Mid July (Please be patient)

Expected release date is Jul 15th 2024

Out of stock


If you miss out, sign back up for in stock notifications (it doens't automatically resign you up) - everyone that wants one WILL get one, as soon as these sell today we are ordering more billets 

Batch 1 is @ anodizing (They are processing them 7/11 & will be back in time to ship this month)

Batch 2 - Preorder Opens once we get the first batch back from anodizing

  Preorder 416 Batch 1 - Black & Raw Custom options available for 5 days after that we pull the customiztion options and  make the rest black with correct 88-000000 SN 

  • Confident this is THE 416D Clone - 1 year in the making
    • Who we are - IMC is the industry leader in USGI clone receviers, our M16 rollmarked receivers are second to none, we have been building very detail oriented military replicas for 10 years 
    • Design - Modeled with multiple real german 416D cut receivers, 4 live 416D post samples & 416D Raw German forgings
    • Markings - We cut the selector and SN markings the same way the factory does with 1:1 format, the only difference is SN marks are cut pre ano so you will need to color fill or 
    • Finish - We spent months of R&D on the semigloss black anodizing alone, out of 4 original 416D and 11 OG uppers we have the perfect middleground for the sheen
    • Made with 7075-T6 for strengh AND 
    • Correct selector marks cut like the factory, correct SN font and range
    • Correct Profile of lower, alot of time went into making these look like a forging vs billet
    • Final version are are toolmark free unless you have a loupe
  • Standard USGI M16 pocket
  • Custom SN (within range 88-XXXXXX) avail. for matching uppers - Avail for first 5 days of preorder
  • First 50 black or raw
  • Anodizing:
    • Correct Black semigloss NOT ano/paint or coating
    • Batch 2 Tan/Clear to match the CAG style rifles
    • We can leave them raw if requested
  • Markings in Triggerwell

We will not be adding TM info to magwell, front and right/left side will be blank

Lifetime for original owner