Colt M16A2 Grip - Used

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Colt M16A2 Takeoff Grips - Restock Coming

  • These are REAL Colt "FAT" M16A2 grips
  • I have seen boxy/new A4 grips being sold as M16A2 for 3 x our price
    • We will have a modern colt to compare in photos for customer reference soon
    • If you look at our grips, there are no sharp angles. Recent M4/Modern grips look different
  • Correct For:
    • Mk18 Mod 0
    • Mk18 Mod 1
    • Mk12 Mod 0
    • Mk12 Mod 1
    • Mk12 Mod H
    • SAM-R
    • Colt & FN M16A2
    • Colt M4 & M4A1 clones from early 2000's