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M16A2 Upper US Made - Grey & Black - Assembled w/Parts


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Grey & Black A2 Upper w - 100% US Made Parked Sights/Parts

  • Perfect Colt Style Anodizing - consistent and always perfect
    • Colt Grey anodized by the same company that does our lower receivers, consistently same shade
    • Colt Charcoal Black (late 80's/90's Black)
    • We will match with our lowers at no charge, our anodizing is as consistent as it gets but we will check fit/finish to ensure the match is perfect
  • Made to fit tight on our/other lowers, oil lugs prior to assembly due to stacking tollerances 
  • US Made Parkerized Rear Sight/FA/Door from Subcontractor who suplied Colt vs Asian
  • Correct Proofs, broached vs machined, sear cut out - IMC marked on the inside to keep everyone honest
  • No corners cut, cerro forgings and perfect in every way
  • Dry Lube coated inside