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XM177E1 - Commando Pistol - SOLD

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INTLMILCO Commando XM177E1

Pistol - Stock not indluded

  • All vintage Colt mid 60's era parts
  • Colt glossy carbine 6 hole HGs
  • Beautiful replica 10 custom barrel with custom FSB profiled correclty & colt mold mark removed w/Colt A1 birdcage and hardware
    • Barrel correctly MP Proofed (Added by me) - Later Commandos had MP, early had M VP
    • End user can add repro moderator, I like the look of the birdcage as seen on many Mac V Sog guns
  • Colt complete mid 60's LPK, every part hand selected out of my personal parts
    • Disco & selector neutered 
  • Colt Vintage 2 position receiver extension 
  • Colt carbine ring/end cap, holes were cleaned up & reparkerized 
  • Colt 60's/70's Full Round Buffer (no way to tell age)
  • Colt vinyl acetate stock not included, available to be purchased separately once firearm transfered - $325 shipped
    • Customer is responsible for form 1 registration
    • All GCA and NFA rules aplicable 
  • Warranty for original owner on firearm for life
  • Price reflected is the CC price, 3% off for cash/money order/cashiers check/wire

This is built from my personal stash of parts I have been saving 4 years, and my personal upper off my Commando.