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RussianPaint™ - In Stock


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In Stock - 6/19/24

 PAINT MUST BE CLIMATE CONTROLLED - Solvent can evaporate from bottle if not stored properly

Shelf life is roughly 1 year, longer if you follow instructions


This is THE original deep black finish the Russians used on all small arms from 1960 to today. We have manufactured and sold this since late 2016 to the letter of the original forumula with the BEST US lab grade raw chemicals, this is the only way to make a consistent product. This is NOT a reverse engineered paint, this is chemically 1:1. We are the only source outside of the factory for the paint used on the assembly lines of the russian factiories.

Application Instuctions

We can only ship within the US as of right now

  • THIS IS the paint found on all AKM, AK74, AK100, AK74M, RPK, RPK74, RPK74M, PKM, PKT, Saigas, Veprs, Military Original Bulgarian AK74's and very similar to Polish, East German, Hungarian paint. 
  • We only sell in the US currently
    • I am working on the international shipping option
  • 40-60mL covers a complete rifle - Dillution is achieved using lacquer thinner 1:1 or 50/50
  • We are revamping the instructions and will post them here on our blog this weekend 8/7/21
  • The Sheen/Level of gloss is easily controlled to match Russian, Polish, East German or Hungarian kits
  • HVLP is recomended due to the viscous nature of the paint
  • This IS the same paint the factories have sprayed on their guns since 1960, even today. 
    • Most new guns are sprayed in a fashion that it looks much flatter
    • I will issue new instructions with details how to achieve this soon
  • Aleays wear a respirator when spraying solvent based paints

***Bulk Quantities of 2 Liters or more available at discount to FFL's only. I will work with collectors on an individual basis if bulk quantity is needed, trades are usually welcome and preferred***


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  • 5
    Can’t wait to pick up more.

    Posted by Patrick Bryant on May 23rd 2024

    Just refinished an SGL-31 with Russianpaint and wow. It looks stunning in person. Looks straight off the factory line. Will be picking up more to finish more of my Russian rifles.

  • 5
    A parked rifle begs to be coated in this.

    Posted by Zacharias F. on May 1st 2024

    Lets just say i am "el cheapo" in some areas and my equipment consisted of the "little compressor that could" that runs of of miracles, a selection of cerakote clogged airbrushes and a similar condtion an alleged hplv harbor frieght offering. I did heat up the metal and had to stop twice due to the air brushes deciding to go home to jesus which left me to complete the rifle using a harbor frieght rig that required more CFMs than my compressor could even fathom. Note these breaks were long and the end result, while always we leave room for improvement it looks like a saiga on a pawn shop wall circa 2005. Very impressive and boy let me tell ya, durable as heck, need a diamond to scratch this puppy. 10 /10 would recomend.

  • 5
    Can't beat the match

    Posted by Zack Shaeffer on Apr 26th 2024

    This paint is the only stuff that looks exactly like the original paint on combloc guns. Quick shipping too.

  • 3
    Russian Paint

    Posted by Derby on Oct 29th 2022

    2+ weeks still waiting for it to ship. Great products, just lacking on s&h side.

  • 5
    Back in the USR

    Posted by JAMES A CRAWFORD on Oct 14th 2022

    Best paint and most accurate finish especially over previously parkerized finish. Any Izhmash or Maadi rifle looks straight up factory.

  • 5
    Only paint that looks authentic

    Posted by Nguyen Le on Oct 23rd 2021

    Best paint if you're looking for that deep black the Russian izhmash, tula, or molot guns have, ive tried everything you can buy and only this paint can match the Russian factory finish and texture. Ive even tried Russian Voron paint, dont even bother, that paint has a bright purple sheen once dried, nothing like the izhmash finish. If you want a paint to refinish your Ak, only Russianpaint™ can give you an authentic Russian look, thank you for an awesome product.